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Motorola wins innovative wireless broadband solution

Motorola, Inc. announced that pioneering work carried out by its point-to-point wireless solutions group has been recognised with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise. The award recognises outstanding achievement by companies in the UK and is given solely on merit. Motorola won the award for its innovative wireless broadband solutions, this technology called Motorola Point to Point.

The technologies developed by the group, based in Ashburton, in the UK, provide governments, businesses, and service providers, with exceptionally high data rates and high levels of availability when using wireless broadband connectivity in situations that were previously impossible, such as across stretches of water.

Motorola's unique patented technology enables many companies to benefit from its high-performance broadband solutions. For example, the Central Scotland Fire and Rescue Services selected the solution to reliably connect its headquarters to local fire stations to ensure critical communications between the stations are assured. In addition, Motorola’s point-to-point fixed wireless solutions are part of the company’s MOTOwi4™ portfolio of wireless broadband solutions.

source : Motorola's press release

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