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Cisco 3G Wireless WAN High-Speed WAN Interface Card

The 3G wireless high-speed WAN interface cards (HWICs) offer a compelling alternative to traditional wireline backup solutions for the Cisco 1841, 2800 Series, and 3800 Series integrated services routers. The 3G wireless HWIC provides WAN backup using terrestrial cellular technology. This results in a true multipath WAN backup solution that delivers higher performance over ISDN solutions at a fraction of the cost.

Ideal for primary broadband connections, the 3G HWIC delivers WAN connectivity in a fraction of the time required to install a traditional wired WAN connection. Configurations include:

  • HWIC-3G-CDMA supporting 1xEV-DO Rev A, 1x EV-DO Rev 0, and 1xRTT
  • HWIC-3G-GSM (global system for mobile communications) supporting high-speed downlink packet access (HSDPA), universal mobile telecommunications service (UMTS), edge networks, and general packet radio service (GPRS)

The 3G wireless HWIC automatically selects the best available service based on wireless network availability in the service area.


  • WAN backup: Deployed as a secondary WAN connection
  • Primary WAN link: Benefits areas where traditional wired solutions are unavailable, infeasible, or costly
  • Mobile Business: Supports businesses that require frequent set-up, tear down, and relocation
  • Flexible, Anyplace Connectivity: Ideal for low data volumes and high-security applications, such as bank ATMs, gas station kiosks, and telemetry sites

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2 new Walkman Java Platform 7 phones revealed

Sony Ericsson announced two new Walkman® phones supporting Java™ Platform 7 (JP-7), making 14 phone series that now support this platform. The W580 is a quad-band EDGE slim slider phone with built-in sports applications and the W660 is an elegant UMTS phone with a "stick" form-factor and a tactile external finish. Both the W580 and W660 include the latest Walkman player 2.0 which simplifies music track, playlist and genre navigation with a more intuitive UI. The TrackID™ music recognition functionality records a few seconds a track from the radio or microphone, sends the track to the comprehensive Gracenote® music database for identification and returns the information to the phone.

Both phones also include a 2 Megapixel camera, full HTML browser, removable storage with a Memory Stick Micro™, RSS feed support and Mobile 3D gaming with both JSR 184 and Mascot Capsule v3. The major differences between the phones are network frequency support, styling and end-user lifestyle choices.
The W580 features an integrated pedometer and the accompanying sport applications monitor:

  • Speed and distance when running
  • Daily step count with automatic reset at midnight
  • Calorie counter
  • Daily progress on standby screen

To make using the W580 Walkman phone on the move even easier, the earphones supplied with the phone have ear hooks giving a stable fit, eliminating the frustration of earphones falling out when exercising.

The W660 will be available during Q2 2007 and W580 during Q3 2007.

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Connected to WiFi easily with Symbian using Fon

The FON WiFi Connection Manager for Symbian devices is a free tool developed by FON for Nokia WiFi phone. FON WiFi Connection Manager works on all Symbian S60 v3 compatible phones, such as Nokia E60, E61, E70, N80, N91, N92, N93 y N95. All Foneros who own one of these phones are now able to connect them to thousands of FONspots. Once you have inserted your FON username and password the first time upon installing the application, you will then be able to connect automatically to the strongest signal the device detects. This application allows you to easily locate FONspots all over the world and to connect to them automatically. User also get free calls with Nokia phone through FON.

Download the FON WiFi Connection Manager for Symbian here.

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SAMSUNG Unveils the Symbian OS Smartphone SGH-i400

Symbian Ltd. welcomes the announcement of the SGH-i400. Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., a leading provider of mobile phones and telecommunication systems, yesterday showcased the SGH-i400, its latest Symbian smartphone. The Samsung i400 is perfect for users who want to have all of the advanced features of a smartphone in a slim and stylish design. The new smartphone i400 is based on Symbian OS and S60 which offer extensive language support, enhanced download applications and multitasking features. The stylish slider phone supports full web browsing and Bluetooth connectivity for active business users. The Samsung i400 also includes a 2 Megapixel camera, a music key and stereo dual speaker. Finally, the i400 has a 2.3" wide display for the convenient use of business and multimedia functions.

The Samsung SGH-i400 will be launched in Russia from July 2007 and to be expanded in other European countries shortly.

SGH-i400 Specification:

Standard - GPRS/EDGE Tri-Band (900/1800/1900)
Camera - 2 MP Camera
Display - 2.3" QVGA TFT (262K Colors)
Features - Bluetooth 2.0 (A2DP), USB 2.0, Full Web Browsing / Web2.0, Music Key / Dual Speaker, microSD (4 GB)
Size - 101 x 50 x 15.8 mm
Weight - 92g

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Nokia N76 starts to ship with music

Nokia has started shipping the Nokia N76 to key European, Asian and Middle Eastern markets. With the Nokia N76 multimedia computer, technology and design come together to create a revolution in design for a multimedia computer. Using premium materials to enclose world-class Nokia Nseries features and experiences, Nokia has created a very eye-catching device.

Nokia is also pleased to announce that they and Sony BMG Music Entertainment are working together to bring the award winning music of Travis to new owners of the Nokia N76 in selected markets. The Nokia N76 is the latest multimedia computer that combines a sleeker designed body with technology to create a revolution in design for a multimedia computer.

Nokia Nseries music fans will appreciate the dedicated quick cover keys on the Nokia N76, which let you quickly and easily control the device's music features from the outside of the folded device, for instant tunes wherever you are. Holding up to 1500* tracks the Nokia N76 works with industry standard 3.5 mm headphones and supports the popular Windows Media DRM for optimal use.
The Nokia N76, which is based on S60 3rd Edition software on Symbian OS, is a perfect blend of style and substance. This latest addition to the Nokia Nseries portfolio brings a wide range of multimedia experiences to consumers, enabling them to create, consume and connect, using music, videos, images and the internet.

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Motorola and RC Technologies Deliver Video Service Wirelessly

Motorola, Inc. announced that it has been selected by RC Technologies, a leading provider of telecommunications services in northeastern South Dakota, to provide its Astria content processor and Astria video services processor (VSP) head-end solutions. This will allow RC Technologies to deliver video content wirelessly to subscribers in the northeastern portion of the state.

Using a Motorola Astria content processor head-end to provide bandwidth efficient advanced compression technologies, RC Technologies plans to deliver more than 90 channels of video over its core Internet Protocol (IP) fiber network.
Ketik ringkasan di sini

At the edge of the network, Motorola’s Astria video services processor will convert the IP channels to digital RF for delivery over coax or the MMDS network, depending upon location. As a result, customers in RC Technologies’ service area will now have more choice in video service providers.
The primary network into the customer premises in two exchanges will be RC Technologies’ Multipoint, Multichannel Distribution Service (MMDS) wireless access network. In addition to providing the core video processing technologies, Motorola will provide integration and project management for all headend components, including conditional access, multiplexing and set-top testing. Motorola is using its MPEG-4 advanced video codec (AVC) to deliver video content to subscribers via Radio Frequency (RF) set top boxes.

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WordPress Mobile Plugin make blogging easier

Mobile web developer Andy Moore has partnered with AdMob, the mobile Internet advertising marketplace, to launch a free plug-in for the blogging tool WordPress. The new plug-in will enable the global WordPress community to quickly go mobile and also generate income from advertising via AdMob. With this plugin, mobile blogging feel easier than before.

To download and more information about this plugin, go to Andy More's blog.

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Nokia N95 Wins TIPA Award 2007

Nokia revealed the Nokia N95 multimedia computer has been voted the 'Best Mobile Imaging Device in Europe 2007' by TIPA (Technical Image Press Association), the largest photo and imaging press association in Europe. the Nokia N95 multimedia computer was commended for its outstanding imaging functionality, comparing its features directly with those of stand-alone cameras. The judging panel noted features such as the autofocus lens for sharp, large prints, a real mechanical shutter to avoid distortion, the Carl Zeiss optics with Tessar lens that can focus at close range and the up to 20x digital zoom for distant subjects. The panel also commented on the device's outstanding audio, video and web capabilities and its GPS functionality.

The features of the Nokia N95 include:

* 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics
* Possibility to capture print quality photos and DVD-like quality video clips
* Unique 2-way slide concept with dedicated media keys
* Support for compatible microSD memory cards of up to 2GB
* Wireless LAN connectivity (Wi-Fi)and HSDPA offering high download speeds
* Integrated GPS, and access to maps for more than 100 countries
* The option to purchase additional features such as city guides and voice-guided navigation

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The new Sony Ericsson P700?

Many rumor in internet say that Sony Ericsson will launch their newest PDA Phone to public, that is SE P700. While the exact details regarding the phone's capabilities remain unknown, rumor has it that it will include an nVidia GoForce 5500 GPU (used in Sony's PSP), a 3.6 inch screen, 3.2 megapixel camera (with no flash), secondary VGA camera for video calls. 15fps video recording and 30fps playback, possibly 3G HSDPA and almost surely Wi-Fi. Sony Ericsson's P700 will be a nice blend between three mobile phones that are currently available on the market, the P990, M600 and K800i. Bringing the 3.2 megapixel camera most users wanted in the M600 as well as all the advanced functionality of the P990.

According to the rumors, Sony Ericsson's P700i will get launched throughout June this year. Hmm..just wait this phone come in Indonesia.

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Indosat's prepaid subscriber will enjoy 3.5G

Indosat is one of big GSM and CDMA operator in Indonesia, they also have 3G lisence in Indonesia. After 5 month Indosat held 3.5 G (HSDPA) Services for post paid only (Matrix Card). Now in last April, Indosat gives 3.5G service to prepaid user that is IM3 and Mentari. Different with other operator, Indosat focus in internet broadband data access that commonly it's happen for corporate or postpaid user. But, big enthuastic make Indosat give this services for prepaid user too. For promotion time, Indosat give free 10 minute video calling to same Indosat 3G user from 22 April until 31 July 2007. Beside that, Indosat give cheap internet tariff promo from 22 April until 31 July 2007 that only Rp. 1/kb for volume based and Rp.100/minutes for time based.

This is the tariff

:: Mentari


Tujuan Zona Flat 24 jam / 7 hari
Tarif / menit
(termasuk PPn)
Tarif / unit
(termasuk PPn)
Selular non Indosat Lokal
Selular Indosat
(Matrix, Mentari & IM3)
Mentari hebat ber-5 Lokal

:: IM3


Tujuan Zona Flat 24 jam / 7 hari
Tarif / menit
(termasuk PPn)
Tarif / unit
(termasuk PPn)
IM3 Lokal
Selular non Indosat Lokal
Mentari & Matrix Lokal

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D-LINK Router Wireless Dradt with IEEE 802.11N, 1400% Than Before

D-Link International, one of the world’s biggest suppliers of network products, unveils their Draft IEEE 802.11n Series - the D-Link Xtreme N Gigabit Router DIR-655. They provide a cost-effective solution based on the latest wireless technology with increased security features for integration into an existing wireless network.
Featuring D-Link’s latest technology, the Draft IEEE 802.11n devices are capable of achieving up to 1400% faster than IEEE 802.11g as well as extended signal coverage. Thus, users can set up a high-performance network that offers the fastest available wired and wireless speeds, without sacrificing their past investments. The DIR-635 wireless router includes a Quality of Service (QOS) engine to ensure that delay sensitive applications such as games and VOIP calls remain smooth regardless of traffic condition.

The DIR-655 supports the latest wireless security features such as WPA and WPA2 to ensure the best available encryption. In addition, it also includes dual active firewalls (SPI and NAT) to help prevent potential attacks from across the Internet. The DIR-655 can be easily configured using its web-based management interface.

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3G Indonesia, how are you?

In Indonesia, 3G just held in many months maybe in half a year. When start launching, there are so many promotion program to get big response from consument. The promotion just like free video calling, free GPRS access, free mobile TV etc. Telkomsel as biggest GSM operator in Indonesia and as first operator held 3G claim that they successful get 1.6 million 3G subsriber in first four month. Telkomsel also record that mobile TV user almost 2 million hit and video calling in the last 2006 achieve almost 1.2 million. Really fantastic data for new comer in 3G. And as the result, Indonesia enter as big top 10 3G user in the world. XL, the second operator held 3G services also claim that their 3G user is 150 thousand, approximately 65 thousand using video call and 50 thousand active subscriber every day. Indosat, as the third operator held 3G services also claim that until January success achieve 3G subsriber until 45 thousand only from Matrix post paid card. The latest operator held 3G services is 3 from Huthison. Beside new 3G services, this operator also really new GSM operator in Indonesia. I still don't have data how much 3G subscriber from this operator because they just launch in one month.

From data, its show that 3G success and have good response in Indonesia. But, wait a minute. Because this is the data when they still in promotion time, so they have many free services and make consument love to try this. Now, after the promotion time is end except for new user, and for your information, Indonesia consument still love something free. We will know that the real 3G user not as much as the data. The common habit from Indonesia people is 2G, just phone calling and SMS. Only little consument who need data, video calling, mobile TV etc. major common user who need 3G services is from corporate. It's that why Indosat until now only held 3G for post paid user and corporate user and also other operator try to more focus in this market.

But, we don't make conclusion that 3G in Indonesia is fail. Because still half a year and maybe it need more time again in order to 3G services success in Indonesia. Unfortunalately, freshly 3G operate in Indonesia, now we hear new high technology called 4G or WiMax. Maybe, this technology will be officialy enjoy in 2008. This new high technology offer very faster data speed than 3G broadband. access reach until 50 km with transfer speed untul 70 mbps.
So, what about 3G? I think it's depend on government policy too. Maybe we can combinate 3G and WiMax because this technology still different. And the most important is, all operator will have a policy to make cheap tariff, good quality and services. Because for now, communication tariff in Indonesia still expesinve.If 3G handset and 3G tariff cheaper, maybe 3G will be success in Indonesia just like Japan. Who knows?

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Free Video call from XL

XL, one of GSM operator have 3G license in Indonesia promote video call again. Free video calling only in first three minutes from Jempol and Jempol City card to all local XL 3G subscriber . After three minutes is normal tariff. Free video calling only gives to Jempol and Jempol City subsriber after this GSM card have 3G enable. This promotion valid from 14 April until 15 Juni 2007.

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Motorola wins innovative wireless broadband solution

Motorola, Inc. announced that pioneering work carried out by its point-to-point wireless solutions group has been recognised with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise. The award recognises outstanding achievement by companies in the UK and is given solely on merit. Motorola won the award for its innovative wireless broadband solutions, this technology called Motorola Point to Point.

The technologies developed by the group, based in Ashburton, in the UK, provide governments, businesses, and service providers, with exceptionally high data rates and high levels of availability when using wireless broadband connectivity in situations that were previously impossible, such as across stretches of water.

Motorola's unique patented technology enables many companies to benefit from its high-performance broadband solutions. For example, the Central Scotland Fire and Rescue Services selected the solution to reliably connect its headquarters to local fire stations to ensure critical communications between the stations are assured. In addition, Motorola’s point-to-point fixed wireless solutions are part of the company’s MOTOwi4™ portfolio of wireless broadband solutions.

source : Motorola's press release

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Nokia ready for WiMax in 2008

Nokia has announced that finish mobile phone manufacturer will start selling mobile phones using the WiMAX Internet technology during early 2008. The WiMAX technology
allows high-speed Internet from laptops, mobile phones and other portable devices over greater distances than the previous technologies.

But, Nokia isn't the only one planning the introduction of such handsets. One of its main rivals, the US manufacturer Motorola is also intending to launch its first WiMAX mobile phone on the market next year. Samsung from Korea now is ready to sell WiMax or WiBro handset in Korea market. Companies including Intel, Nokia and Motorola already support the open-standard WiMAX as an alternative wireless broadband Internet connection on top of 3G mobile networks that can become quite slow when filled with voice callers.

the upgrade to third generation networks and it is also said to be much more affordable than 3G. WiMAX might make the wireless broadband much cheaper to deliver, up to 10 times cheaper than the 3G networks available today. While it is a good choice for Internet access, when it comes to voice calls, WiMAX is not as appropriate. The radio spectrum for WiMAX networks is also rented out at more affordable prices than the 3G mobile spectrum and equipment vendors state that the infrastructure and handsets will also come with a lower price tag. According Softpedia, Samsung seems to also be committed to the technology and the company's mobile strategist sees this year as the year of WiMAX.

WiMAX is defined as Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access by the WiMAX Forum, formed in June 2001 to promote conformance and interoperability of the IEEE 802.16 standard, officially known as WirelessMAN

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The new Nokia 6120 classic combines faster download speeds with functionality

More and more consumers are using their mobile phones for tasks such as downloading music, streaming video, browsing the Internet or receiving emails with attachments. The compact Nokia 6120 classic phone makes these tasks faster and easier by utilizing HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access), an evolutionary technology offering downloads up to 10 times faster than the usual WCDMA networks. The Nokia 6120 classic will be their new smartphone and much like the Nokia E50 it will be a fully functional smartphone on a budget.

Giving the Nokia 6120 even more functionality for busy lives, the new phone features two cameras -- a 2-megapixel camera with 4-times digital zoom, flash and panorama mode for taking high-quality photographs as well as a second camera in the front that adds a personal touch to calls by making use of the video call feature.

The Nokia 6120 classic has even more ways that consumers can save time. For instance, with only a few short steps using the pre-loaded How-To Guides and a Set-up Wizard on the Nokia 6120 classic, consumers can have their email, messaging and Internet connection up and running in less time. The Data Transfer application allows consumers to transfer contacts, calendars, photos, videos and files from their previous Nokia to their new Nokia 6120 classic, even when the SIM card is removed. And, by synchronizing their calendar from their office computer with the calendar featured in the Nokia 6120 classic phone, consumers can always have their schedule with them.

With the HSDPA technology, Symbian OS 9.2 with the 3rd edition of the Series 60 user interface operating system and the wide range of features of the Nokia 6120 classic, make consumers will be able to make their daily lives more manageable.
In many countries, 3G technology has offered consumers an enhanced mobile experience with faster browsing, streaming, music downloads and email and Internet access. The new Nokia HSDPA technology makes these applications, and many others, more accessible.

The Nokia 6210 classic is based on S60 software that lets users download and use additional applications in addition to the ones already found on the device. Users can personalize the phone with a wide variety of add-on applications, enhancements, content and service. S60 also allows users to run several applications at the same time enabling them to browse the Web while listening to their favourite music.

The Nokia 6120 classic is expected to start shipping in Q2/2007 with an estimated retail price of only 260EUR. Are you interesting with it?

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Motorola Showcases Connected Home Technology at NAB 2007

Motorola, Inc. will showcase a variety of content-delivery solutions including transmission and distribution equipment, customer home equipment and other technologies at the National Association of Broadcasters show in Las Vegas this week. Additionally, two executives will share their insights on how content distribution is changing in light of new technologies, compression advancements and bandwidth solutions during panel sessions.

“As content becomes increasingly mobile, Motorola enables content and service providers to deliver cool customer experiences,” said Doug Means, Motorola corporate vice president and general manager, Connected Home Solutions. “Whether the content is live, on demand, advertising or from the Internet, Motorola can deliver the content safely in a variety of formats to a number of devices.”

Motorola’s booth, located at SU1920 will demonstrate a variety of technologies designed to enhance the customer experience including Mobile TV, which enables customers to view content on a mobile handset, and Motorola Follow Me TV™, which allows customers to move content between rooms in the home and to portable devices.

Additionally, Motorola will showcase Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) set-tops that enable high-quality experiences, like video on demand, pay-per-view, rich user interfaces, and high definition. On display will be VIP set tops supporting both the Motorola KreaTV™ Open Development environment and the Microsoft TV IPTV Edition interactive entertainment system.

In content distribution and transmission, Motorola will showcase its MPEG-4 high definition and standard definition encoders, a switched digital video server, digital simulcast technology and customized content distribution via the Motorola On-Target™ system..

Three Motorola executives will share the company’s expertise and insight about how new technologies like IP-based services and wireless technology are changing how consumers experience TV at the IPTV World sessions on April 18. Kevin Wirick, marketing vice president, Motorola Connected Home Solutions, will conduct a feature presentation at 10:20 a.m. titled: “IPTV – Top Half of the First Inning”. Marty Stein, senior director of marketing, Motorola Connected Home Solutions, will present a case study called “Anticipating the Bottleneck: Bandwidth Usage Trend” panel at 3:40 p.m. Mark Sebastyn, senior manager of product marketing, On Demand Solutions for Motorola, will discuss the importance of content mobility on a panel called “How Online VOD Changes the Game” at 5:10 p.m.

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Indosat is awarded as Asia's leading companies top 10 in Indonesia

PT. Indosat Tbk receive award as Asia’s leading companies Top 10 in Indonesia from The Wall Street Journal Asia for category of Long Term Vision (10/4). The Award is received by Corporate Services Director, S. Wimbo S. Hardjito today in Jakarta, handed by Vivian Yeung, General Manager The Wall Street Journal South East Asia. “We are proud to receive the regional award, as an aknowledgment of the company’s vision in conducting business telecommunication in the future, also it motivates us to always give the best performance to all of the company’s
stakeholder,” explains S. Wimbo S. Hardjito after receiving the award.

The judgement of the annual awarding held by The Wall Street Journal Asia is
done by survey from the readers consisting of executives and professional.
The judgement of the survey covers the company’s reputation, product quality
and service, management long term vision), innovation in responding customer’s
needs and company’s financial performance.
“This award will strengthen the company’s commitment, to keep innovating in
giving the best servi ce to customers,” said Wimbo closing his explanation.

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Wi-Mob: Wireless dan Mobile Technology

Welcome to Wi-Mob! This blog containt no nudity,heehee...Only containt article about wireless and mobile technology especially in Indonesia and around the world. Such as : CDMA, GSM, 3G, Wi-FI, Wi-Max, review handset etc.

Hope this blog can usefull for users who visit it. Thanks


Bambang Dwi Atmoko

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