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Cisco 3G Wireless WAN High-Speed WAN Interface Card

The 3G wireless high-speed WAN interface cards (HWICs) offer a compelling alternative to traditional wireline backup solutions for the Cisco 1841, 2800 Series, and 3800 Series integrated services routers. The 3G wireless HWIC provides WAN backup using terrestrial cellular technology. This results in a true multipath WAN backup solution that delivers higher performance over ISDN solutions at a fraction of the cost.

Ideal for primary broadband connections, the 3G HWIC delivers WAN connectivity in a fraction of the time required to install a traditional wired WAN connection. Configurations include:

  • HWIC-3G-CDMA supporting 1xEV-DO Rev A, 1x EV-DO Rev 0, and 1xRTT
  • HWIC-3G-GSM (global system for mobile communications) supporting high-speed downlink packet access (HSDPA), universal mobile telecommunications service (UMTS), edge networks, and general packet radio service (GPRS)

The 3G wireless HWIC automatically selects the best available service based on wireless network availability in the service area.


  • WAN backup: Deployed as a secondary WAN connection
  • Primary WAN link: Benefits areas where traditional wired solutions are unavailable, infeasible, or costly
  • Mobile Business: Supports businesses that require frequent set-up, tear down, and relocation
  • Flexible, Anyplace Connectivity: Ideal for low data volumes and high-security applications, such as bank ATMs, gas station kiosks, and telemetry sites

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