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2 new Walkman Java Platform 7 phones revealed

Sony Ericsson announced two new Walkman® phones supporting Java™ Platform 7 (JP-7), making 14 phone series that now support this platform. The W580 is a quad-band EDGE slim slider phone with built-in sports applications and the W660 is an elegant UMTS phone with a "stick" form-factor and a tactile external finish. Both the W580 and W660 include the latest Walkman player 2.0 which simplifies music track, playlist and genre navigation with a more intuitive UI. The TrackID™ music recognition functionality records a few seconds a track from the radio or microphone, sends the track to the comprehensive Gracenote® music database for identification and returns the information to the phone.

Both phones also include a 2 Megapixel camera, full HTML browser, removable storage with a Memory Stick Micro™, RSS feed support and Mobile 3D gaming with both JSR 184 and Mascot Capsule v3. The major differences between the phones are network frequency support, styling and end-user lifestyle choices.
The W580 features an integrated pedometer and the accompanying sport applications monitor:

  • Speed and distance when running
  • Daily step count with automatic reset at midnight
  • Calorie counter
  • Daily progress on standby screen

To make using the W580 Walkman phone on the move even easier, the earphones supplied with the phone have ear hooks giving a stable fit, eliminating the frustration of earphones falling out when exercising.

The W660 will be available during Q2 2007 and W580 during Q3 2007.

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