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Hello Guys, I am sorry if make you confused because I often change my blog address. And now I do again :( . But, I wish this is my real blog. According to my planning, I wanna just have two main blog. The one only in english language and the other in INdonesian language. For Indonesian blog, Still in progress because there are something trouble and for english blog, You can visit now. So, this wimob blog will be not active again. You can visit my new blog in

And if you have link this wimob blog, please change it to my new one. :)


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Indosat's user have internet option, volume or time based

Indosat, try to give new choice to their GSM and CDMA user. Matrix, Mentari and IM3 in GSM and Starone in CDMA. Time Based is Charging for internet acess based on time. Volume Based is Charging for internet access count based on many data accessed (download and upload). The volume based tariff is Rp. 1/kb and time based is Rp. 100/minutes for Indosat GSM. For CDMA, volume based tariff is Rp. 3/kb and Rp. 111/minutes for time based.

For Starone user, if wanna activate this services. Write SMS :Reg TIME send to 799to activated time based, and write SMS: Reg VOL send to 799 to activated volume based.

And for Indosat GSM user, default choice is volume based. TO change in time based mode. Just change username and password like this.
Username: indosat@durasi
Password: indosat@durasi

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Nokia Siemens Networks Village Connection brings affordable GSM connectivity

Nokia Siemens Networks introduces its new solution, Village Connection, for affordable rural connectivity and coverage in new growth markets. Nokia Siemens Networks Village Connection offers an easy concept to build rural connectivity village by village, enabling an innovative franchise-based business model between an operator and local village entrepreneurs.

The Nokia Siemens Networks Village Connection solution supports GSM based voice and SMS services, including roaming and connection to the outside world. A range of value-added services can be added, such as cost-effective Internet services in villages via the Internet protocol link.
Nokia Siemens Networks Village Connection comprises GSM access points located in villages and regional access centers. A village would typically host one access point module comprising GSM radio, power and IT hardware and software components. The access point only requires simple installation and powering can be done, for instance, by solar energy. Each access point connects to standard GSM mobile devices and autonomously handles calls within a village through local switching. Access points are connected via Internet Protocol links to a regional access center. The access center connects the villages to the main GSM core network and handles the calls between the villages.

The novel Nokia Siemens Networks Village Connection allows to transfer responsibility for network and business functions to a local level, building cost-effective connectivity village by village. It can employ local people to manage access within each village, or local entrepreneurs may license the mobile access rights for their surrounding area. The solution will be available in 2008.

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RIM Introduces the BlackBerry Curve Smartphone

Research In Motion (RIM) introduced the BlackBerry® Curve™ smartphone - the smallest and lightest full QWERTY* BlackBerry smartphone. With its smooth and friendly design encompassing a large display, easy-to-use keyboard and intuitive trackball navigation system, this powerful new smartphone makes it easy to stay connected to the people and information that matter most.

The BlackBerry Curve features a liquid silver finish, chrome highlights, smooth edges and soft curves. It is a full-featured smartphone with a full QWERTY keyboard and large display and yet it boasts an impressively small and lightweight design at 4.2'' x 2.4'' x 0.6'' and approximately 3.9 oz. The ultra-bright 320x240 display brings images and video to life and includes RIM's light sensing technology that automatically adjusts backlighting levels for indoor, outdoor and dark environments. The handset also features RIM's innovative trackball navigation system that makes scrolling and selecting fast and easy.

The BlackBerry Curve comes with a 2 megapixel camera, complete with 5x digital zoom, built-in flash, self-portrait mirror and full screen viewfinder. The camera can capture images in up to three picture quality and size resolutions that can be shared instantly by email, MMS or BlackBerry® Messenger and transferred over Bluetooth® or USB cable. Photos can also be immediately set as a unique caller ID or Home Screen image. The audio system is crisp and clear, playing music and videos through the handset's integrated speaker or through the 3.5 mm stereo jack. The Bluetooth stereo audio profile (A2DP/AVRCP) is supported, and dedicated volume controls are conveniently located on the side of the handset.

The media manager also includes Roxio Photosuite® 9 LE, a comprehensive tool that makes it easy to edit pictures and create photo albums. With PhotoSuite, pictures can be cropped, rotated and straightened, and flaws can be fixed by removing redeye or changing the brightness, contrast and saturation levels. Pictures can even be enhanced with color filters and special effects.The media player on the BlackBerry Curve has been refined, allowing users to search for music by simply typing the title, genre, artist or album name. Videos can also be played in full screen mode.

For added storage of music, videos and pictures, the BlackBerry Curve comes with a microSD expansion slot. It supports up to 2GB cards that are available today and will automatically support 4GB cards that are expected to become available later this year.

The BlackBerry Curve features a high-performance browser that can download and display HTML web pages quickly and efficiently. Users can bookmark their favorite sites and set up RSS feeds to stay connected to the timely news and information that matters most during their day. The highly responsive browser, large and vivid screen and super-easy trackball navigation provides an exceptional mobile experience.

The BlackBerry Curve offers many convenient phone features including Speaker Independent Voice Recognition (SIVR) for Voice Activated Dialing (VAD), Bluetooth® 2.0 support for hands-free use with headsets, car kits and Bluetooth peripherals, quad-band operation for global roaming**, dedicated 'send', 'end', and 'mute' keys, smart dialing, speed dialing, conference calling, call forwarding, noise cancellation technology to offset background noise, a low-distortion speakerphone for hands-free conversations and support for polyphonic, mp3 and MIDI ring tones.

The BlackBerry Curve delivers all the renowned BlackBerry email and messaging capabilities and even features a new integrated spell checker with a user-customizable dictionary to help maintain spelling accuracy on the go. The BlackBerry Curve is supported on BlackBerry® Internet Service, giving users access to up to 10 work or personal email accounts (including most popular ISP email accounts), as well as BlackBerry® Enterprise Server, enabling advanced security and IT administration within IBM® Lotus® Domino®, Microsoft® Exchange and Novell® GroupWise® environments.

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Join forces to foster the realisation of next generation mobile broadband

Paris/France, Stockholm/Sweden, Espoo/Finland, Toronto/Canada, Bonn/Germany, Munich/Germany, Newbury/England: A group of world leading telecom technology manufacturers and network operators comprised of Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, France Telecom/Orange, Nokia, Nokia Siemens Networks, Nortel, T-Mobile, and Vodafone have announced a joint initiative aimed at driving forward the realisation of the next-generation of high performance mobile broadband networks based on 3GPP Release 8 "Long Term Evolution / System Architecture Evolution" (LTE/SAE) specifications.

The LTE/SAE Trial Initiative heralds a new chapter for the mobile industry with network systems targeted to support mobile broadband peak data rates exceeding 100 Mbps. In line with 3GPP requirements, this next-generation technology aims to provide a mobile broadband service that outperforms both 3GPP Release 6 HSPA, as well as current fixed line DSL data rates while maintaining and extending the highly successful mobility and coverage benefits of 3GPP networks such as GSM. 3GPP LTE/SAE networks are expected to enable lower operating costs for operators as well as higher data-rate, lower latency end-user services, and an improved end-user wireless mobility experience.
To meet these objectives, LTE radio systems are designed to provide both greater levels of radio spectrum efficiency through use of new radio transmission schemes and advanced multi-antenna technologies, and a more flexible utilisation of radio spectrum through support of carrier bandwidths ranging from 1.25 MHz to 20 MHz (subject to 3GPP ratification).
The companies participating in this initiative will collaborate on demonstrating the potential of 3GPP LTE/SAE mobile broadband technologies through a series of joint tests including radio transmission performance tests, early interoperability tests, field tests and full customer trials. Joint activities will commence in May 2007, and are expected to run for a period of 18-24 months.
The joint test results will be used by the participating members in ongoing technology developments and 3GPP LTE standardisation work, and will also help define and validate operator network launch plans. This initiative will also help validate the emerging LTE ecosystem including devices and applications, with a view to enabling commercial deployments in the 2009/2010 timeframe. (Nokia press)

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