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Indosat's user have internet option, volume or time based

Indosat, try to give new choice to their GSM and CDMA user. Matrix, Mentari and IM3 in GSM and Starone in CDMA. Time Based is Charging for internet acess based on time. Volume Based is Charging for internet access count based on many data accessed (download and upload). The volume based tariff is Rp. 1/kb and time based is Rp. 100/minutes for Indosat GSM. For CDMA, volume based tariff is Rp. 3/kb and Rp. 111/minutes for time based.

For Starone user, if wanna activate this services. Write SMS :Reg TIME send to 799to activated time based, and write SMS: Reg VOL send to 799 to activated volume based.

And for Indosat GSM user, default choice is volume based. TO change in time based mode. Just change username and password like this.
Username: indosat@durasi
Password: indosat@durasi

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  1. Anambas' said...
    Thank's man for this post..ane baru tau ada itungan gprs di im3 berdasarkan waktu. Ntu kan cuma buat dikompi,trus klo ane mau brows di hp gimana sett nya..
    Anambas' said...
    Thank's man for this post..I know im3 have charged internet based time yet before..u was told how to set in pc,how to direct set to hp if i want browse with it

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