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WordPress Mobile Plugin make blogging easier

Mobile web developer Andy Moore has partnered with AdMob, the mobile Internet advertising marketplace, to launch a free plug-in for the blogging tool WordPress. The new plug-in will enable the global WordPress community to quickly go mobile and also generate income from advertising via AdMob. With this plugin, mobile blogging feel easier than before.

To download and more information about this plugin, go to Andy More's blog.

Posted by mr.bink 1:10 PM  


  1. Agam said...
    wow.. bagus banget. Makasih sudah aku donlot. Sekarang langsung aku coba. Dulu dah pernah coba buka blogku tanpa plugin, dan hasilnya ancur.. Semoga dengan ini bisa diperbaiki.
    mr.bink said...
    Gimana hasilnya setelah dicoba?

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