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Motorola and RC Technologies Deliver Video Service Wirelessly

Motorola, Inc. announced that it has been selected by RC Technologies, a leading provider of telecommunications services in northeastern South Dakota, to provide its Astria content processor and Astria video services processor (VSP) head-end solutions. This will allow RC Technologies to deliver video content wirelessly to subscribers in the northeastern portion of the state.

Using a Motorola Astria content processor head-end to provide bandwidth efficient advanced compression technologies, RC Technologies plans to deliver more than 90 channels of video over its core Internet Protocol (IP) fiber network.
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At the edge of the network, Motorola’s Astria video services processor will convert the IP channels to digital RF for delivery over coax or the MMDS network, depending upon location. As a result, customers in RC Technologies’ service area will now have more choice in video service providers.
The primary network into the customer premises in two exchanges will be RC Technologies’ Multipoint, Multichannel Distribution Service (MMDS) wireless access network. In addition to providing the core video processing technologies, Motorola will provide integration and project management for all headend components, including conditional access, multiplexing and set-top testing. Motorola is using its MPEG-4 advanced video codec (AVC) to deliver video content to subscribers via Radio Frequency (RF) set top boxes.

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