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3G Indonesia, how are you?

In Indonesia, 3G just held in many months maybe in half a year. When start launching, there are so many promotion program to get big response from consument. The promotion just like free video calling, free GPRS access, free mobile TV etc. Telkomsel as biggest GSM operator in Indonesia and as first operator held 3G claim that they successful get 1.6 million 3G subsriber in first four month. Telkomsel also record that mobile TV user almost 2 million hit and video calling in the last 2006 achieve almost 1.2 million. Really fantastic data for new comer in 3G. And as the result, Indonesia enter as big top 10 3G user in the world. XL, the second operator held 3G services also claim that their 3G user is 150 thousand, approximately 65 thousand using video call and 50 thousand active subscriber every day. Indosat, as the third operator held 3G services also claim that until January success achieve 3G subsriber until 45 thousand only from Matrix post paid card. The latest operator held 3G services is 3 from Huthison. Beside new 3G services, this operator also really new GSM operator in Indonesia. I still don't have data how much 3G subscriber from this operator because they just launch in one month.

From data, its show that 3G success and have good response in Indonesia. But, wait a minute. Because this is the data when they still in promotion time, so they have many free services and make consument love to try this. Now, after the promotion time is end except for new user, and for your information, Indonesia consument still love something free. We will know that the real 3G user not as much as the data. The common habit from Indonesia people is 2G, just phone calling and SMS. Only little consument who need data, video calling, mobile TV etc. major common user who need 3G services is from corporate. It's that why Indosat until now only held 3G for post paid user and corporate user and also other operator try to more focus in this market.

But, we don't make conclusion that 3G in Indonesia is fail. Because still half a year and maybe it need more time again in order to 3G services success in Indonesia. Unfortunalately, freshly 3G operate in Indonesia, now we hear new high technology called 4G or WiMax. Maybe, this technology will be officialy enjoy in 2008. This new high technology offer very faster data speed than 3G broadband. access reach until 50 km with transfer speed untul 70 mbps.
So, what about 3G? I think it's depend on government policy too. Maybe we can combinate 3G and WiMax because this technology still different. And the most important is, all operator will have a policy to make cheap tariff, good quality and services. Because for now, communication tariff in Indonesia still expesinve.If 3G handset and 3G tariff cheaper, maybe 3G will be success in Indonesia just like Japan. Who knows?

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