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D-LINK Router Wireless Dradt with IEEE 802.11N, 1400% Than Before

D-Link International, one of the world’s biggest suppliers of network products, unveils their Draft IEEE 802.11n Series - the D-Link Xtreme N Gigabit Router DIR-655. They provide a cost-effective solution based on the latest wireless technology with increased security features for integration into an existing wireless network.
Featuring D-Link’s latest technology, the Draft IEEE 802.11n devices are capable of achieving up to 1400% faster than IEEE 802.11g as well as extended signal coverage. Thus, users can set up a high-performance network that offers the fastest available wired and wireless speeds, without sacrificing their past investments. The DIR-635 wireless router includes a Quality of Service (QOS) engine to ensure that delay sensitive applications such as games and VOIP calls remain smooth regardless of traffic condition.

The DIR-655 supports the latest wireless security features such as WPA and WPA2 to ensure the best available encryption. In addition, it also includes dual active firewalls (SPI and NAT) to help prevent potential attacks from across the Internet. The DIR-655 can be easily configured using its web-based management interface.

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