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SAMSUNG Unveils the Symbian OS Smartphone SGH-i400

Symbian Ltd. welcomes the announcement of the SGH-i400. Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., a leading provider of mobile phones and telecommunication systems, yesterday showcased the SGH-i400, its latest Symbian smartphone. The Samsung i400 is perfect for users who want to have all of the advanced features of a smartphone in a slim and stylish design. The new smartphone i400 is based on Symbian OS and S60 which offer extensive language support, enhanced download applications and multitasking features. The stylish slider phone supports full web browsing and Bluetooth connectivity for active business users. The Samsung i400 also includes a 2 Megapixel camera, a music key and stereo dual speaker. Finally, the i400 has a 2.3" wide display for the convenient use of business and multimedia functions.

The Samsung SGH-i400 will be launched in Russia from July 2007 and to be expanded in other European countries shortly.

SGH-i400 Specification:

Standard - GPRS/EDGE Tri-Band (900/1800/1900)
Camera - 2 MP Camera
Display - 2.3" QVGA TFT (262K Colors)
Features - Bluetooth 2.0 (A2DP), USB 2.0, Full Web Browsing / Web2.0, Music Key / Dual Speaker, microSD (4 GB)
Size - 101 x 50 x 15.8 mm
Weight - 92g

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