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ICT 2007 Summit, for a better Indonesia Infocom

With a population of 240 million people, Indonesia, the world's fourth largest country is one of the strategic growth markets in Asia. Endowed with a pool of well placed prospects that are ready to upgrade, spend and expand their market size, the country has made significant progress in recent years. With an established and favorable framework in place for growth of the ICT Industry in Indonesia, many global multi national companies are now shifting base or focus to Indonesia as investor confidence is gradually being restored. Indonesia lauch ICT 2007 on May 3-4, 2007 which are also supported by The Indonesian ICT Council (DeTIKNas), Depkominfo, KADIN and organized by The Indonesian Infocom society (MASTEL) and ECMI services. The most issues in this conference such as 3G, next generation network (NGN), broadband wireless access as solution to provide maximum wide reach in Indonesia.

Government, industry leaders and significant organizations will work hand-in-glove at the ICT summit to set roadmaps for the country, while technology and solutions providers will unveil exciting opportunities and new frontiers at the technology conference, held concurrently as the ICT 2007 Summit Indonesia exhibition today, May 3-5 2007 in Jakarta convention center. Go Forward ICT in Indonesia!

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