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Nokia phone:bad for browsing with Java application

After I lost my phone in two month ago, of course I buy again because handphone is one of important thing for me. If before I use GSM phone, Now I try to use CDMA phone and after have many selection, I choose Nokia 6225 phone. The feature inside this phone such as Dual band 800 and 1900, RUIM, SMS & MMS, FM Radio, Java Support, WAP browser, and bad result of VGA Camera. Well, my keyword to buy this phone actually just GPRS and Java, because with that I can do more...chating, browsing, emailing, etc.. And for the CDMA operator, I choose StarOne from Indosat, of course after learn and compare that. I follow the step to set up WAP connection and It's little hard to get connected. After connected to internet, directly try to download OperaMini application for browsing and Mig33 application for chating. But, I try many times using its application and still can't connected to internet, still error and error..Hmmm...what's wrong with it?? If browse with Nokia MiniBrowser still can connected, but if browse with Java application still can't connected!!!..

A few days after that, my friend SMS me. He says that this New Nokia 7370 Phone can't access mig33 application too!!..Oh ya, my friends buy new phone because his handphone lost too, same like me. Before it my friend also use Nokia and still can't access mig33.

Well, why so hard to make connection with Nokia java phone? Maybe the main reason is NOKIA!!! They have bad configuration for their Java Phone. Just compare with Sony Ericsson phone, I use Sony ericsson for long time a go and don't have a problem with it! If have problem, it's depend on cellular operator just like bad internet connection. It so easy and fast to run Java application, I feel satisfied using Sony Ericsson phone but still dissatisfied with Nokia Phone! According to my opinion, Nokia just have a high name, not high quality. For many products maybe big quality but of course very high price. How about you?

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